Helena's Heart Wisdom Healing

Heart Wisdom Symposium Going Live February 1, 2024

What Would Your Heart Say

 Have you ever heard the advice, "Follow Your Heart"? More and more people are embracing this guidance because tapping   into the heart offers a different wisdom than relying solely on the brain. The heart communicates the truth, whether it's   through logic or emotions, depending on the nature of that truth.

 Did you know that the heart has a network of 40,000 neurons, the same neurons found in the brain? Beyond its role in   cardiac function, the heart can sense, feel, learn, and remember. This is why sayings like "He died of a broken heart"   resonate with us; we intuitively recognize a deeper wisdom. Scientific research is unveiling the incredible capacities of the   heart, revealing that it possesses a heart-brain capable of these cognitive functions. This groundbreaking understanding is   expanding, shedding light on the complexities of the mind-heart connection.

 Now, we comprehend why the mind and heart aren't always in agreement. Those who choose to listen to their hearts tend to   feel more aligned and content with their choices. I'm here to assist you in tapping into this wisdom for genuine healing.

About/Bio: Helena's path to healing was both a marathon and a sprint. Life wasn't unfolding as she wished—juggling two jobs, her love life in disarray, and a backdrop   of family trauma. Helena found herself feeling small and, at times, a bit crazy. The teasing about her Scottish accent and occasional mistreatment by   teachers only added to her challenges. It seemed like bullying surrounded her, real or perceived.

 Everything changed when she stumbled upon energy healing, recommended by someone who saw the potential in her—a modality known as MAP. This   revelation marked a turning point; Helena began experiencing happiness, and the overwhelming chaos in her life began to dissipate. As she delved deeper   into energy healing, exploring new methods and techniques, her personal healing journey intensified. The constant sense of danger lurking around every   corner vanished, replaced by a newfound vision for her future.

 Then the ultimate healing happened. Helena had been asking for her heart to be opened. She didn't know exactly what she was asking for or what it meant, but she knew it had to happen. While receiving an attunement and healing, her heart chakra burst wide open! It was like an instant download of wisdom.   She understood what she had been asking for, and Heart Wisdom was born.  With renewed purpose and a commitment to self-discovery, Helena   transformed into a healer. Her dreams materialized, showing her the immense   potential for positive change and the ability to guide others on their healing   journeys. Helena's story is a testament to the transformative power of energy   healing and the resilience of the human spirit.

 There is a reason why people who persist and don't give up eventually succeed. Solutions are everywhere, and the right solution for you is out there. Could   this be your key to unlocking the life you desire?

Heart Wisdom Healing

Helena Dellarosa specializes in opening your heart to your higher-self's wisdom tapping into its profound intuition, and clearing negative memories that linger in your conscious mind. By lifting the burdens of self-blame and anxiety, Helena's approach goes beyond symptom relief, with her you can gain clarity, happiness, and the discovery of your passion and purpose. Witness the natural side effects of this transformative process—finding love, boosting income, feeling secure, and enhancing overall health. These outcomes result from clearing the root causes of problems in your life and energetically addressing mental trauma. Ready to embrace profound peace and live the life you desire?


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