Norma Hollis

Dr. Norma Hollis is a pioneering changemaker dedicated to empowering others to live authentically. As the first Black woman to own a speaker bureau for Black speakers, she paved the way for greater representation and inclusion. Over her 30-year career, Dr. Hollis has leveraged her expertise in human nature and self-awareness to develop transformative programs centered around the theme of authenticity.

Her insights have guided countless individuals to become more fulfilled and effective leaders, both personally and professionally. Through her human development training company, she offers signature programs like Return on Authenticity (ROA) and Authenticity U to organizations and individuals seeking purpose-driven growth.

Dr. Hollis is also a prolific author, with books like Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership receiving acclaim in the leadership space. Her literature and training programs provide actionable techniques for uncovering one's authentic self and boldly sharing an authentic voice.

As a certified coach and passionate advocate for consciousness expansion, Dr. Norma Hollis empowers people from all walks of life. Her fresh, holistic approach promotes deeper self-knowledge and personal accountability in order to create positive change from within. Dr. Hollis continues to inspire others to live with greater meaning, fulfillment, and impact.

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