Dr. Willow Brown

Dr. Willow Brown is a Chinese Medicine
Doctor and Taoist Sexologist. She expertly
merges sexuality, spirituality, and medicine
with a mission to bring forth both healing
and pleasure to individuals and the

Guiding clients from sexual dissatisfaction
to the pinnacle of pleasure, she helps them
unlock the receptive pathways that usher in
expanded consciousness and an open heart
As earthlings we are connected and ruled by
the energies of the earth. This is the
philosophy of Tao. The Taoist principles Dr.
Willow brings to the art of sexual healing
create a potent and viscerally
transformative shift in the lives of those who
study with her.

Blending the ancient arts of tantra, and
taoist sexual healing with herbs, nutrition,
movement, meditation and spiritual
practices, Dr. Willow offers the most
powerful transformation in health, vitality
and sexual sovereignty.

She works with clients physically, spiritually,
emotionally, sexually, and psychologically,
so that they can experience wholeness,
longevity, and maintain a high quality of life!

The Erotic Empowerment Circle is a unique journey into sexual and spiritual growth. Start with a 2-week free trial, then just $39/month. Benefit from Dr. Willow's monthly lectures and workshops, personalized guidance, and a supportive community.

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