Leah Piper

Leah Piper is on a mission - to turn love and sex from a chore into an art form. As the founder of More Love Works and co-host of the Sex Reimagined Podcast, she has spent over 20 years guiding thousands to deeper intimacy. Leah believes desire thrives through creativity and consistency, not routine. With an extensive background in tantric sex, psychology, and somatic therapies, she offers daring yet grounded wisdom. Leah's workshops strip away shame and invite vulnerability. Her coaching unravels knots couples thought were permanent. And her mentorship helps fellow entrepreneurs infuse passion into their purpose. Whether speaking to crowds, working privately, or sharing her vision online, Leah inspires people to paint outside the lines of conventional relationships. Let her help you rediscover passion's true colors.

Unleash Your Body’s Capacity for Ecstasy: A Journey Through the 4 Orgasm Pathways

In this transformational training, you will learn about the 4 incredible nerves that carry profoundly pleasurable orgasmic energy in the female body. Discover how to activate these pathways to experience new dimensions of ecstasy, intimacy, and spiritual connection.

We will explore:
The Pudendal Nerve - Awakening the awesome power concentrated in your clitoral network for sharper sensation and harder climaxes.
The Pelvic Nerve - Tapping into your yoni’s potential for explosive internal vaginal orgasms through targeted massage and muscle control.
The Hypogastric Nerve - Surrendering to profoundanal and cervical pleasure by stimulating the ultra-sensitive A-Spot for blended whole-body orgasms.

The Vagus Nerve - Using vocal sounding to connect your heart center with your sexual energy for emotionally immersive orgasmic release.
You will also learn simple at-home practices for energizing your erotic anatomy, overcoming blocks to pleasure through breathwork, and honoring your sensuality with sacred ritual.
Whether you want to enhance intimacy, manifest desires, or unleash your erotic superpowers, this training provides easy-to-learn tools and techniques for awakening the full ecstatic capacities hidden within your body right now.

Ignite deeper layers of pleasure and spiritual connection - register for the On-Demand 4 Pathways to Orgasm training today!

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