Debra Giusti

Debra Giusti – Spiritual Entrepreneur & Ascension Guide: For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, both locally and internationally, supporting and creating ‘New Paradigm’ evolution. She is currently on mission in support of the “Planetary Awakening” that is taking place now. 

Debra has been an entrepreneur since she was 21 years old, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, new spirituality, and community connection. Some of her business and include the "Harmony Festival" which took place from 1978 – 2011 and hosted 30,000 participants. She also reaches 150,000+ subscribers through her Email Marketing Company "Wishing Well Promotions". 

In 2020 – 2021 she produced 90 shows of “Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe” that reached 25,000 – 50,000 people every Saturday night. She has recently published the “Ascension Tips”, so that anyone can understand and embrace the Ascension Process taking place now and fully participate. She produces workshops, hosts panel discussions, and creates educational materials on the topic of Ascension.

In this revolutionary and timely 3 episode workshop series, Ascension Teachers Meg Benedicte and Debra Giusti present an in-depth overview of the current Planetary Ascension. They will share the history of the Ascension process on the planet and why these extraordinary times offer such a significant opportunity due to the Planetary Ascension taking place right NOW. Meg and Debra will give an detailed overview of the Ascension Tips booklet, which shares 88 tips in 4 different sections, including: 1) Your Awakening 2) Complete Transmutation 3) Soul Embodiment, and 4) The Divine Human in the New Earth

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