Kristen Numen

In late 2016 I awakened to a higher truth. I became aware that we have more control over our lives than we are told. Thoughts are things, we create our reality, our inner world creates our outer world. I started to notice I could hear, see, feel, and know things beyond my physical senses. I could see and communicate with those that have crossed to the other side. I started to see and communicate with Beings of Light.

I began this journey through a spontaneous awakening. I continued on this path because of a light, a passion that was ignited within me.

Through this journey I have found that I have a strong connection to my Spirit Guides and that of others. The ability to know which Beings are coming through, what a person can work on to assist them in their lives, and what abilities you have and what to do to open them up further. We are meant to live our best lives here on Earth and the key to this is knowing what needs to be worked on, released, and nurtured in order to move on to your ideal path. I am able to see sacred geometry and light codes with my physical eyes. These light codes assist in my growth and allows me to assist others in opening up their spiritual abilities.

When mediumship comes through, loved ones bring forward validating evidence that they are living in the spirit realm. Loved ones who have physically passed experience our lives THROUGH us! The amazing part is when spirit validates things that have happened after they have passed, to show that they are always with us, cheering us on, showing us signs that we are unconditionally loved.

I am a Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher. Kundalini Reiki means energy that comes from the Earth and meets with the Reiki life force energy from God/Source. I am a conduit for which the energy comes through, the recipient is the actual healer. The reiki recipient has to accept the energy, set intentions as to where the healing is needed (eg. pain/sickness/spiritual growth/there are limitless possibilities) and allow it to flow through without judgement. I also utilize this energy to assist with activations, clearings, opening portals of light, and gridwork. The beauty of Kundalini Reiki is that it is intention based. When called to this type of energy, possibilities are limitless.

I have the ability to bi-locate to other realms and work one on one with Beings of Light. These experiences are similar to what some call Near Death Experiences (NDE), however I am able to access my inner portal to achieve this out of body communication. This bi-locating ability is still being worked on with the guidance of my team. Many Beings visit me in this physical reality and I can see them with my physical eyes and can communicate.

I am able to connect with Gaia (Mother Earth) and Elemental Beings. Receiving signs, winks, synchronicities from Spirit to assist on this life journey. Being a multi faceted channel allows me to connect with many types of Beings of Light, and receive guidance and knowledge. I am able to see the "shadow side" (beliefs and parts of ourselves we don't like to see) of those that I am reading in order to bring positive transformation to their lives.

Over 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a severe heart problem. I had multiple surgeries and the last one caused more severe symptoms. I fell in to a depression, having episodes daily, looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person staring back. When I awakened and began working with Spirit, THAT is where change took place. YES I am still sick, and spirit informed me that I'm on this journey to help others know that they can live their best life regardless of circumstances. This journey of my health has truly opened my eyes, and I am happier now than I have ever been. I'm grateful for everything and everyone in my life. This journey has transformed my life for the better. My goal is to open others up to the magic of this human realm, and experience joy on a new level. Knowing that you can face anything head on with confidence and create the life of your dreams.

Package A-1 hour session for $111 (normal is $150, savings of $39) 

Package B-1 hour session for $111 (normal is $150, savings of $39) and 1 healing/activation session for $111 (normal is $222, savings of $111) Total $222 (total savings of $150)

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