Zeeba Khan and Rhona Beaumont

Zeeba is an internationally renowned Ayurvedic clinician, meditation teacher, and energy healer who uses holistic treatment to restore her patients’ mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and to prevent disease and disorders. In particular, she focuses on healing trauma, which often leads to anxiety, depression, feelings of loss, and low self-esteem.

She is a leading practitioner with Mindvalley’s Soulvana, where her meditations and podcast have helped many people around the world. And in 2020, she was honored by an invitation to be part of a live interactive session hosted by His Holiness The Dalai Lama on the topic of integrated healthcare and compassion.

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The course dates and times are in the link. The course will be video recorded, so you can take part in your own time too!

I am a medium, healer and spiritual development counsellor/teacher. My soul path is to help others find their inner light, and allow it to shine. I help people who wish to connect with loved ones on the other side, wish to understand their soul purpose or learn techniques to develop a deeper connection with their higher self. I also teach energy healing, using as a basis Reiki, as well as medical intuitive processes and guided meditation. I am here on Earth as a teacher, guide and networker. I follow the spiritual laws of manifestation and abundance to transform my own life. I have manifested my life so I can live and work on the beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. I run spiritual retreats from my home. Blessings to you all.

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