Jocelyn Woodburne and Natasha Daubney

Jocelyn practices earth-based, shamanic and intuitive healing to support magical humans in accessing their gifts, walking their personal spiritual paths, and addressing any pain or trauma that might hold them back from thriving. She believes in guidance over prescriptive practice, and that healing and growth cannot be contained by a formula approach. To that end, Jocelyn custom creates healing journeys and ceremonies in partnership with her clients and universal guidance. These collaborative spaces for growth allow to you approach your journey in a way uniquely suited to your own life, personality and ultimately your own soul. It is her greatest joy to witness the transformation that comes with embracing one’s true nature and living life genuinely and fully. Whether you are waking up to the spiritual world for the first time or are ready to dive deep into your awakening or healing journey, Jocelyn is delighted to support you!

Free Gifts: Join sea turtles, whales and dolphins for this relaxing ocean meditation. Infused with energy healing and animal medicine, this practice is designed to help you rest, reset and receive.

Natasha is a proud Witch, Earth Priestess and Feminine Alchemist who will walk with you down the path of rewilding, guiding you to cultivate an intimate relationship with your untamed being. Adept at unearthing the hidden and suppressed magick of being a woman, Natasha is passionate about guiding women to deeply honour and meet all of themselves, so you can unearth your gifts, fully activate your magick, and reclaim your birthright as a woman: a life of thriving, that feeds the fire in your heart and soul.

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