Helena is different from other healers I've had experience within the past. She doesn't rush through it, instead she guided me gently through the process, making me relax and open to what she can find in my energetic space, while she cleared the blocks I have been living with for so long. I feel more at peace now. The freedom I was seeking is mine now. If I feel the need, I will not hesitate to go to her for more healing. Thank you, Helena, for your kindness and wisdom as well. - Susan B

It was an amazing experience that Helena took me through. I sense that Helena is a very powerful healer. In my session with her, we concentrated on clearing past life issues that contributed to feelings of guilt I had toward my mother. When she cleared them, my feelings of guilt on a 10-scale (being the strongest) fell to a one (meaning the trigger is gone).

One of the things that was a wow moment, was when she saw a son I had in a past lifetime and gave me his name. I've had dreams about a little boy with that name since I was a child and never understood why.

She explained to me the ancestors she saw, and my guides that surround me and how I can contact them. Her words resonated so deeply with me that now I feel a sense of relief that I am surrounded by love. I feel more empowered now.

Helena is easy to talk to, easy to open up to, and is a compassionate, gifted healer.

Thank you, Helena, for the experience of getting to know you and for the healing journey. - Janet A

Sunday, February 25, 2024, Replay

I slept better last night than I have in a very long time, and I woke up in a beautiful mood that lasted all day. My heart feels so much more open than it ever has!

Would love to set up my next appointment.

Ellen E.

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