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Don't Miss Out: A Rare Opportunity to Experience Healing at an Exceptional Price! There's More Awaiting Your Beautiful Heart!

Welcome to my heart and soul series. This offering is 100% free for the duration of its airing. We've curated this space to ensure you have ample time to immerse in the potent interviews. This journey is not only a fulfilling experience for me as a host and for my esteemed speakers, but it's also a chance to forge a deep, meaningful connection with you.

FREE: Your Gateway to Transformation Awaits!
The event is complimentary for a very limited time. Once the curtains draw and the doors lock post-event, the free access ceases. However, the enlightenment doesn’t have to end there; you have the golden opportunity to secure a Backstage Access Pass! This pass is your key to revisit the insightful interviews, take notes, and resonate with the words of your favorite speaker's time and again, even after the event has culminated. I've thoughtfully bundled it in a package to nurture your heart's happiness and healing journey.


YOUR OWN PERSONAL HEALING AND HEALER: For a special price of just $47.00, ($50.00 off) you can gain unlimited access to our 10-day summit and receive powerful energy healing and MAP sessions with Helena Dellarosa herself. This is a unique opportunity for you to clear out those blocks that keep you intensely stuck in your life. ($199 Value)

With a blend of some of the most profound and healing modalities in the energy healing field, Helena's approach aims to mobilize your energy, freeing you to experience some of the fastest and most effective healing available.

With the Access Pass, you will:

*Receive all the interviews at the click of a button and gain access to a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. You'll have the convenience of watching or listening to these interviews anytime and anywhere, empowering you to dive deep into the transformative insights they offer. Whether you're seeking guidance, motivation, or a fresh perspective, these interviews will provide you with valuable tools and knowledge to enhance your personal growth journey.

*But that's not all! As part of this exclusive offer, the 
first 25 people will receive Helena's Heart's Wisdom Healing, a one-on-one ENERGY HEALING session with Helena herself. This personalized session is tailored to your specific needs and aims to open you up to your own heart wisdom, joy, happiness, and abundance. Helena's expertise and intuitive guidance will support you in removing blocks, gaining clarity, and embracing a life filled with love, joy, and abundance. success and fulfillment. Helena's has been trained in many modalities including MAP and Adrien Blackwell's Healing Method™, which have had extraordinary effects on clients and opening their hearts.

With this comprehensive package, you'll have everything you need to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. The interviews, and the exclusive Heart's Wisdom Healings, will provide you with the guidance, tools, and support you need to unlock your true potential and create a life of deep fulfillment and abundance. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to embark on a profound healing journey with Helena Dellarosa!"

We are thrilled to offer you this unique opportunity and look forward to welcoming you to the ACCESS PASS of a lifetime to deepen your healing journey!

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